Why Paper Cat Litter?

A significant portion of the content of our paper cat litter comes from post-consumer waste derived from newspapers. When newspapers aren't recycled, they are either dumped into landfills or incinerated. We encourage everyone to recycle their discarded newspapers, and buy products from companies that use recycled materials.

Concerned about the inks? Don’t be. Today, most publishers print using harmless organic inks and/or soy-based inks. The process used to make Yesterday's News neutralizes these inks so there will be no residue left on your cat's paws or fur.

Trees and Litter
Cat Paw Print

Healthy for your cat:

Gentle paper pellets are easy on paws. Contains no harmful chemicals making it a safe, non-toxic product.

A Home

Healthy for your home:

3X more absorbent than clay by volume with low tracking and effective odor control. 99.7% dust-free for a virtually dust-free environment.

The World

Healthy for our world:

Made with recycled paper to decrease landfill waste.