Transitioning Your Cat

While some cats can switch from one litter type to another easily, your cat may require a transition. When possible, plan surgeries in advance so your cat can adjust to Yesterday's News® beforehand.

Follow this simple transition schedule:

  • Week One – mix 1/3 Yesterday's News® with your current litter
  • Week Two – mix 1/2 Yesterday's News® with 1/2 current litter
  • Week Three – 100% Yesterday's News®

Whenever feasible, maintain the same litter box in the same location it has always been. Just be sure to scoop out the feces and pellets that have absorbed urine daily and replace the litter weekly. Clean the litter box with warm water and a mild detergent between litter changes.

Once a month, disinfect the box with a mild bleach and water solution. (Ammonia-based disinfectants are not recommended because cat urine contains ammonia and your cat may think the box is dirty.) Air dry outdoors if possible.

Cat portrait

Do not flush (even flushable litter can harm plumbing), and do not use litter as fertilizer. It will attract flies and other cats.

A clean litter box and a little patience is all it takes to turn your cat into a Yesterday's News® cat.