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Yesterday's News® brand cat litter, introduced in 1987 into the alternative cat litter segment, provides cat owners with a simple solution for managing their cat's waste that helps promote a clean home. Made from recycled materials, Yesterday's News takes items that have the potential to end up in the waste stream and turns them into a cat litter that is good for your cat, good for the home and good for the planet.

Yesterday's News is a paper-based cat litter featuring moisture-locking pellets made out of recycled materials that include newspaper, corrugated cardboard and reclaimed industrial sawdust.

  • On average, more than 20,000 tons of paper is recycled into Yesterday's News each year.
  • 60 percent of the corrugate cardboard used in Yesterday's News comes from the plants of other Néstle operating companies.
  • Although newspapers are the predominant paper products used in the cat litter, Yesterday's News also acquires paper from many other post-consumer and post-manufacture waste sources including magazines, phone directories, paper egg cartons, pasteboard and hardback/paperback books. Visit biggreenbin.com for more information on what paper can be recycled into Yesterday's News cat litter.

The environmental benefits Yesterday's News offers cats and their owners include:

  • Designed for low-tracking with no small particles
  • Creates a virtually dust-free environment enabling the whole family, including the cat, to breathe easier.
  • Absorbs 3x the moisture than traditional clay-based litter, which may reduce the total amount of litter an average cat requires on an annual basis and extend the life of one bag of product.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals making it a safe, non-toxic product that won't harm cats if they happen to ingest the product.

But the good news doesn't stop there! From partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to using the earth's resources responsibly to engaging local community organizations to collect old phone books for use in our litter, Yesterday's News® is always looking for ways to make a more positive impact on the planet. Welcome to our site, take a look around and learn more about what we're doing to make a difference – and how you can help!