What Do Vets Think

Yesterday's News® is the most recommended litter by Veterinarians following surgery*. It's a highly effective post-surgical litter, and they want to provide their feline patients with the best care possible.

  • Superior absorbency (3 times more absorbent than clay litter**) provides cleaner post-surgical site compared to shredded newspaper or clay litters
  • Decreased chance of surgical site contamination as it contains no clay or fine particles that could slow the healing process
  • Non-abrasive pellets for excellent cat acceptance
  • Outstanding odor control manages tough cat box odors

Kittens portrait

Recommended for Kittens, too!

The Softer Texture Formula is an excellent choice for introducing kittens to the litter box because it has softer, smaller pellets and a fresh scent. Later in life, if the kittens need surgery, transitioning them to the regular Yesterday's News® will be even easier, because they will already be accustomed to compressed paper litter.

"In our clinic, we use paper litter boxes for sanitary reasons. Yesterday's News is our litter of choice as it provides enough absorbency for the paper boxes. We're sold on it!" - Bryan H., DVM
"I feel we as veterinarians have a responsibility to make sure we are doing everything possible for our patients with elective procedures. Yesterday's News is a part of complete and responsible care." - Susan W., DVM